The joys and benefits of working with the Latvian musical community, especially since independence, are many. But one of the greatest is to be afforded the opportunity to perform and record in Latvia. We invite you to browse samples of our albums:

While browsing through our CDs, look for the symbol for tracks listening samples. These are for your personal use and enjoyment. We'd also remind you that our samples are optimized for size, not audio quality. If you enjoy our works, please share on social media with your family and friends!


  • Ziemsvētki Latvijā (Christmas in Latvia), 1996
  • Laimes Rebonī (Money Fever), 1998
  • Ziemsvētki Pie Dzintarjūras (Christmas by the Amber Sea), 2000
  • Bruno Skulte (The Music of Bruno Skulte), 2001
  • Lolitas Brīnumputns (Wonderbird), 2003
  • Helen Tobias Duesberg (The Music of Helen Tobias Duesberg), 2004
  • Jānis Kalniņš (Potter's Field), Alfrēds Kalniņš (The Sea), 2004
  • Ziemas Saulgrieži (Latvian Solstice, Cantatas of the Winter Season), 2005
  • Ziemassvētki Sabraukuši (Christmas Joy in Latvia), 2008
  • Viktors Baštiks (The Music of Viktors Bakštiks), 2010
  • Latviešu Ziemassvētki (Latvian Winterfest), 2012
  • The Light of Christmas (Zvaigšņu Gaismā), 2015
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