The Light of Christmas

 (dropcap) dropcap|C hristmas has been linked with the advent of light in the physical and also the spiritual world. Praises have been sung to Christmas and light in both folk songs and in works that affirm faith. These songs have expressed spontaneous or muted delight, bright dreams or impetuous longings, deep humility or uplifting joy. This spectrum of diverse colors has been accumulated and constantly supplemented by a long series of cantatas written by Latvian composers: new compositions inspired by Andrejs Jansons and the New York Latvian Concert Choir. During the 40 years since its founding the choir has commissioned more than 40 cantatas from composers living in Latvia and abroad. This is their sixth Christmas album and once again it brings us a fresh fragrance of this season and is a striking addition to the already existing bouquet.

Youth Choir “Balsis”
Chamber Choir Fortius
Childrens' Choir Sono
New York Latvian Concert Choir
Latvian National Opera Chamber Orchestra
   Laila Liepiņa Southard, soprano (1, 3, 6, 8, 20)
   Elina Seile, mezzo-soprano (4, 6)
   Nauris Indzeris, baritone (3, 13, 15, 18)
Laura Padega Zamura, Andrejs Jansons, conductors
Valdis Zilveris
Starlit Christmas18:22
1I.In Bethlehem3:17
2II.Returning from Church on Christmas Eve5:30
3III.Christmas Bells3:40
4IV.Silent Night5:55
Laura Padega Zamura, conductor
Ingmars Zemzaris
Immanuel, O God Most High17:16
5I.Immanuel, O God Most High3:59
6II.Morning Star3:20
7III.We Sing High Praises0:45
8IV.The Light of Heaven Has Descended1:15
9V.Glory to God in the Highest2:01
10VI.And Peace on Earth4:00
11VII.Now Try to Grow in Love1:56
Andrejs Jansons, conductor
Ilona Rupaine
Our Lady's Lily Garden24:25
12I.Day is Drawing to a Close2:33
13II.Snow is Coming4:40
14III.Our Lady's Lily Garden4:24
15IV.Christmas Eve3:15
17VI.Behind the Hill the Moon Appeared2:52
18VII.The Cangle in the Wreath3:09
Andrejs Jansons, conductor
Kārlis Lācis
Christmas Cantata13:14
19I.Thoughts Appear Like Moths5:04
20II.Yes, I See the Lamb Dashing Away4:01
21III.That Day4:09
Andrejs Jansons, conductor


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